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I became acquainted with Jeff through a networking group. After learning about the services offered and hearing first hand how knowledgeable Jeff was, I began to recommend him to my clients. He has consistently impressed buyers with his thorough inspections. When there has been an issue in a home, Jeff not only honestly informs the buyer, but offers them resolutions and/or remedies. Often times, he has had a name and number readily available to pass on to a buyer in need of a contractor or consultant. Jeff leaves the buyer feeling informed and confident, and that in turn has a positive reflection on my relationship with my client. As a realtor, I would feel confident recommending Jeff to any agent with a buyer in need of an inspector.
Jennifer Villarreal - Realtor
First Weber Group Realtors

I refer my clients to Jeff. He is a great home inspector as he is thorough as well as efficient. Jeff's knowledge in the field exceeds most home inspectors. He is friendly and innovative too. He uses up to date, top notch equipment and gets the report to the client and me promptly by email. He's always willing to answer questions when I need him. Jeff is a true professional and I highly recommend him!.
Terri Lewis - Realtor
Coldwell Banker HomeSale Realty

Love the new report format! The photos are great addition and I think they will help the buyers.
Mari Nault - Realtor
Coldwell Banker

I appreciated getting the date and time slot at such a short notice as this was very important to me. I also appreciated the tutoring along the way and learning about my new home. I am very happy and excited! Thanks for helping me, Jeff.
Sue G

Jeff did a great job explaining things in detail and so I understand them. He was very knowledgable on ventilation & circulation in the attic areas. He was wonderful, Thank You.
Christy P
West Allis

Very efficient and well done home inspection. I felt very comfortable asking questions throughout the process so that I knew more about my future home and its contents.
Rebekah W
West Allis

I thought Jeff was very professional. I especially liked the way he took me around to show me every detail. I would be proud to recommend him to anyone.
James P.

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